Request to Modify Your Property

An architectural improvement application (ARC) must be submitted and approved by the committee of your association in order to make external modifications to your property. Please review the instructions below then start by clicking on the ‘Start My Application’ button.


Step 1

After you click on the “Start My Application” button below, type your HOA name in the box and then click on the HOA name.

Step 2

To download your form, click on ARC Architectural Form link under the Association Documents section. Be sure to review all links titled ARC.

Property Improvement FAQ

Some frequently asked questions regarding the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) approval process and timelines. 

How do I know my request has been received?

An email or letter is the confirmation that your request has been received. 

How long before I know that my request has been approved or denied?

Most CCR’s allow up to 30 days for review (some allow up to 60 days). However, the ARC may review your exterior modification request sooner than that. As soon as it has been reviewed and approved, you will be notified. 

What additional information should be included with your application form?

Some examples could include: Paint color sample that includes the sample number, brand, color, name and sheen/finish, pictures if applicable, property plat, map or aerial view. For certain types of applications (fence, pool, storage shed, patio, sidewalk, driveway extension, covered porch, gazebo, etc.), a plat will be required. A city/county permit may also be required. We highly recommend a survey of your property showing property lines, blueprints or detailed sketches, product samples or construction materials, dimensions, pictures or brochures, and a sketch drawing showing the location of the exterior change to be done in relation to the house location on the property/lot.

How do I know where my property lines are located?

You are encouraged to have your property surveyed. You may have property pins on the corner markers of your property, if this is a new home.

Will a building permit be required for improvements?

Possibly, you will need to check with your local codes department.

How do I get a copy of my plot plan?

Your local Register of Deeds should have a copy on file. 

Where can I find my HOA’s ARC Improvement Application?

Please go online to and select ARC Request under the HomeOwners section of the homepage, or contact the management company at or 615-277-0358 to request an ARC Improvement Application. For specific guidelines and additional information, please go online to, select Association Information, enter the HOA name for your inquiry, and select Restrictions and Responsibilities to view specific information about improvements in your HOA.

Where do I send my completed Improvement Application Packet after I have gathered all the required documents to include with my Application?

Please send via email to (email is the preferred method) 


via US Mail to

Ghertner & Company,

c/o ARC Request, 50 Vantage Way, 

Suite 100, Nashville, TN 37228 OR via fax 615-255-4540 ATTN:  ARC Request.