Does Ghertner & Company offer full and partial management services?

Yes, our programs are tailored to the requirements of individual communities.

Are rules enforced?

Rule and regulation enforcement is important for the upkeep and appearance of a community. They are consistently enforced in conjunction with the plan set by the Board of Directors.

What is the role of property managers?

Property managers serve as advisors. They fulfill the decisions of the Board of Directors, which always remains in charge of the community. Property managers follow the instruction of, and are accountable to, the Board of Directors.

When a caller contacts Ghertner & Company, will he or she hear an automated message?

Yes, if the caller dials our general company number (615) 255-8531 they will get a short automated message allowing them to enter an extension of the person they are calling, or they can opt to talk with a Homeowner Service Center Rep. If our three reps are already on calls, they may experience a short hold time which is normally 30 seconds or less. If the caller is dialing one of our homeowner services numbers (615) 277-0358 \ (615) 277- 0359 shown on a statement of account or other letter, the call will go directly to the Homeowner Service Center. Outside of our normal business hours of 8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, callers will be directed to leave a voicemail, or if it is an emergency they can call (615) 277-4736.

What are the benefits of signing up on the Ghertner website?

  • Fee payment options
  • Association documents
  • Obtain and submit an architectural request
  • Enter a work order request
  • View personal account information
  • Send your association manager an email
  • Insurance information
  • Receive instant notices should an emergency arise - e.g., water being turned off for repairs

How does Ghertner & Company manage the transition from prior management?

The staff follows a transition program procedure designed for the smooth flow of records related to your association from the former management/developer to Ghertner & Company. The transition is transparent to the Board members and other owners and to the service providers.

How does a Homeowners Association Operate?

Some people call Homeowners Associations the most representative and responsive form of democracy found in America today. Residents of a community freely elect their neighbors to serve on the Board of Directors of the community. Numerous other owners serve on committees to help with special tasks as they arise. These are volunteer leaders who meet regularly to discuss pertinent details about running their community. The process is comparable to a town council meeting.

How do I dispute a fine?

Place your concerns in writing and send your request to the Community Association Manager. He/she will forward it to be reviewed by the Board of Directors. You will receive a response in a timely manner once the board reaches a decision.

I'd like to start exterior projects on my home, such as installing desert landscaping, building a shed, etc. Are there any requirements/guidelines?

Any exterior modifications or additions to your home or any structural changes must have prior written approval from your Architectural Review Committee. For information, forms, and further details, please log into your Homeowners Association website at Please note that you should not schedule any construction work or purchase any equipment until written approval has been received.

I do not have internet access, how can I obtain a copy of the architectural change form?

Call our Homeowner Service Center at 615-255-8531 and request one to be mailed.

How long does it take for an Architectural Form to be approved after it has been submitted?

As soon as possible. It depends upon the governing documents for your community, the complexity of the request, and how often the volunteer Committee or Board of Directors meets.

I have sold my home and am still receiving statements. Why?

Generally, when selling your home, it is a good idea to inform the title company that you are part of a Homeowners Association and give them our name and address. If you are still receiving statements, this is an indicator that we have not received the information necessary to change your account information to the new owner - we get this information from the Title Company. Please contact if it has been over one month since you have sold your home and are receiving statements.