September Volunteer Leadership Series

Budget Process and Communication

Kathy Sutherland, Theodora Winkler, CAM Financial Manager
and Retreat at Tollgate Board member
Kathy Sutherland led September’s lunch and learn workshop to a packed room on September 3rd.  The topic was the Budget Process and Communication, and was held in the training center at Ghertner & Company.

A few topics from the presentation include:

The Association Manager, Treasurer and Budget Committee’s role in the budget process;  It takes team work!

Funds needed for daily operation of the community and to maintain reserve funds at sufficient levels.

Reserve funds provide for the repair and replacement of the community’s assets.

Funds needed for additions or enhancements to the property; What members of the community want and are willing to pay for.

Preventative and routine maintenance; The long term value of a plan for maintenance, replacement and refurbishment of common area items.

Realistic fees; A fee increase is an investment in the continual upgrading of the community.

Choosing bids for services; The lowest bid is not always the best bid. Choose the bid with the best value.

Armed with this knowledge, expenses for the coming year can be projected and compared to the association’s potential revenue.  If expenses are greater than revenue, the committee will look for ways to lower expenses without compromising service.  If that doesn't  balance the budget, the committee may have to make a tough decision; whether to recommend a fee increase or a one-time special assessment.

These workshops are one of the benefits of management by Ghertner & Company.  If you are a Board member who is interested in learning more about our management services, please contact Kathy at or 615-277-0314.

Photo's from the workshop

Damon Morris, Community Association Manager,
 Ann Claud, On Site Manager
at LaurelBrooke and LaurelBrooke Board member 

Heritage Trace Board members
and Linda W. Mason, Community Association Manager
Innsbrooke Crossing Board member, Reggie Tullis
and Bob Welborn, Community Association Managers

Retreat at Tollgate Board member
and Theresa Savich, Administrative Assistant

Jaye Kloss, Community Association Manager
and Enclave at Carronbridge Board members
Wessex Towers Board member
and Innsbrooke Crossing Board member