December Volunteer Leadership Series

Realistic Reserves for Today's Economy

Presented by Miller + Dodson Associates

L to R: Peter Miller, Kathleen Sutherland, Larry Ellis
Peter Miller, RS, and  Larry Ellis, spoke to a packed room of Board Members and Community Association Managers at the December 11th Lunch & Learn at Ghertner & Company's learning center. Discussion included challenges in today's economic climate, as well as funding and understanding the reserve study recommendations and strategic funding solutions. The best tool to predict a community association's capital projects is a reserve study. It's a reliable guide to assist the Board of Directors plan for future replacements.  A reserve study can help avoid special assessments by forecasting the cost and timing of replacing big-ticket items such as roofs and sidewalks, so the money is available when needed. 

Peter also recommends performing annual preventive maintenance by inspecting common elements and building components at least once a year. 

L to R: Villas at Concord Place Board member,
Scott Ghertner, Sullivan Farms Board member