February Volunteer Leadership Series

Fair Housing for Homeowner Associations

Presented by Angelita Fisher of King & Ballow

Angelita Fisher led February’s lunch and learn workshop to an audience of Board members and Community Association Managers at Ghertner & Company’s learning center. Though some may think that the Fair Housing Act does not apply to Homeowner Associations, it does!  Fair Housing applies to entities and associations that provide services and facilities in connection with housing.  Your CC&R’s and Fair Housing Laws may conflict, and if they do, Fair Housing Laws trump your CC&R’s.  So next time you have a request for reasonable accommodation or modification be sure to do your research and seek legal counsel. A wrong decision could be very costly.

If you are a Board member who is interested in learning more about our management services, please contact Kathleen Sutherland at kathleen.sutherland@ghertner.com or 615-277-0314.