Smart Holiday Safety Tips

holiday safety.jpg

Statistics show that crime will increase during the holiday season. Although the police department does everything they can to reduce crime, no one—not the police nor the association—can guarantee that it will not happen to you or someone you know. But here are some suggestions that can help reduce the chance.

• Leaving valuables in sight can tempt a would-be thief. Remove GPS devices, Christmas presents, wallets and purses, and even loose change or place them in the trunk. Keep purses, wallets and Christmas presents from being seen through windows in your home.

• Locks work only if they are being used. Keep the doors to your car and home locked at all times, even when you are inside.

• Using caution is your best protection. Be observant of everyone and everything around you. Have your keys out and ready to unlock your car before you come out of your home or any building. Before getting into your car, look inside and around your car.

• Would-be criminals prefer not to be seen. When going out at night, park only in well lit areas. Report immediately to management any lights that are not working in the community.