Spring Time is Termite Time

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Temperatures in the 70’s, several days of rain, this is not only a recipe for spring flowers but increased termite activity and termite swarms that split up to produce new colonies. They are a necessary part of nature to help dispose of fallen trees and other debris but unfortunately termites don’t know the difference between a fallen tree in the woods or a row of house where trees once were.

Termites never go away. They may slow down with cooler temperatures but they are always eating and working whether it be deeper in the ground or moving into the walls of your home. They eat the wood studs in the walls or any cellulose material such as paper in sheetrock, hardwood flooring, books, important papers, or even a painting on the wall.


It is important to keep clearance between the soil, mulch, or any landscape material and the siding of a structure. This makes it harder for termites to get into your home and easier for a proper inspection to be done to look for termites. Keeping landscape plants such as shrubs and ivy trimmed back off of the home will help with keeping termites out as well as other pest such as ants. Keeping firewood and lumber away from the structure is important as well. Maintaining the structure by taking care of roof leaks, moisture damaged siding and trim as well as keeping things caulked will help to keep down conducive conditions that can encourage termite activity.

An annual inspection is an important thing to do to be proactive in protecting your home. Over time a traditional liquid treatment will dissipate allowing termites to move in. If it has been more than 8 eight years since the structure was treated it is imperative to “update” the termite protection with either a traditional liquid treatment or a termite baiting system to protect your investment. Again annual inspections are important to check for activity as well as changes in the environment around the structure that may become conducive conditions. Conducive conditions simply means an environment that is inviting and hospitable to termites. If a bait system has been installed it is important to have it inspected and maintained in order to remain effective.

A good termite program is important in protecting your home from termites much like insurance for fire is imperative for protecting your investment.

Partner Post by:  Chuck Negas of Northwest Exterminating, www.callnorthwest.com