The Termite 411

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Although spring is considered “Termite Season”, we find these pests all year around. This is often when swarms and infestations are seen in Middle, Tennessee. Now is the time to have your home inspected to get peace of mind or to get a termite problem service. Termites can be silently destroying your home without you even knowing. Your landscaping can be attracting and feeding these pests without your knowledge. Even your HVAC can be supplying them with water.

What Attracts Termites

Termites and pests feed on dead plants or wood like your home’s foundation, wooden floors, shelves, carpets, and even your untreated furniture. Another surprising food source for termites is mulch. An HVAC unit has the water tube draining next to your foundation can also be a problem.


Ways to Keep Termites Away

Here are a few ways that you can prevent the termites in your home.

§  Make sure to eliminate any moisture problem.

§  Keep your AC drain pointed away from the house.

§  Remove all food sources; dead wood, rotting tree stumps, scrap wood, and even an untreated fence post.

§  Wood should not contact the soil. It’s also best that you place screens outside the vents.

§  Use quality mulch.

§  Fix any improper gutter drainage.


Time For Help

If you suspect termites are in your home, it is best to do something about it immediately. Always get an annual inspection; the termite specialist will know and reveal the extent of damage in your home, if any. There are other pest control company’s that offer termite treatment. We are one of the few that offer complete satisfaction.


Ask Questions

Never rush decisions when dealing with a termite problem. There are lots of questions to ask your specialist, how much of your home is damaged? How much does it cost for this kind of work? What are they going to use to exterminate the termites? For those homeowners who want to permanently eliminate termites in their homes, we offer long-term solutions. With our help your home will be a termite-free. Don’t let these termites destroy what you’ve invested and worked for.

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