Irrigation Tips & Technology

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As the Spring transitions into Summer, the best defense against the upcoming heat is an efficient and effective irrigation system...but it doesn’t have to break the bank or your back!


Here are some tips:

• Now is the time to have your service provider conduct the startup (or Activation). Don’t

wait until the heat of summer to prepare your system. During this startup process, the

system should be evaluated for any signs of deficiencies (repairs needs and leaks), while

making any minor needed adjustments that are detected. After the startup is complete, if

the climate trend is still producing adequate rainfall, then don’t feel tempted to turn the

system on until your plants and lawn actually need it. Usually the Spring season doesn’t

require much if any supplemental water, especially with established landscapes. Over-

watering is just as detrimental to plant material as under-watering.

• Ask your service provider about the use of the latest technology associated with irrigation

systems. Technology can take the guess work from the equation, resulting in a more

effective system. For example, high tech ‘smart’ controllers can adjust every zone every

day based on the weather conditions (taking into consideration temperature, precipitation,

wind, evaporation rate, soil moisture, among other factors). Daily adjustments to

the system will save you money on water by only watering when needed, and your

landscapes will flourish because they aren’t over or under-watered. It’s a win-win! If you

have a system older than 10 years, it is likely that you could save 15-25% of water by

simply changing the nozzles on the sprinkler heads, because the new modern nozzles are

far more efficient and effective. Couple that with a ‘smart’ controller, and the Return on

Investment will be significant. In addition, many ‘smart’ controllers can be monitored

from your laptop or smartphone to make your life simpler and easier (we all want that!).

Talk with your qualified irrigation service provider to gather the details regarding use of

technology to save you money and heart-ache. By the way, the equipment technology I refer to is

typically quite affordable too, so please don’t assume that it can’t fit in your budget!

Scott Oldham

Business Development Manger - LSI