Summer Heat... The Landscape’s Well Being

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We have all had to deal with the intense heat this summer in Middle TN. Making sure our bodies

are hydrated as well as our pets with extra care.

sun image.jpg do we maintain our landscapes and grass? All to often we think they need more water in this type of weather. We certainly know that for most of the summer we’ve had a surplus of rain in our area. If you have an irrigation system you have most likely set the programs to water on a repeating cycle.

Here are some tips to apply to how to properly treat the landscape and grass during our

type of summer.

• Watering times should be in the early morning before sunrise. This will allow the

excess moisture to be burned off while the water soaks into the soil. Excessive

irrigation run time can create fungus in the grass and shrubs and causing more

harm than good. If your system is not equipped with a rain sensor, reduce the

amount of days when greater amounts of rain are forecasted.

• Cutting heights should be higher to reduce the amount of thatch returned into

the turf. This will also help reduce the risk of fungus appearing in the lawn.

• The application of fertilizer should be spread out over a longer time period

between application so that plants and grass can intake the nutrients and allow

the systemic growth to be stronger, healthier life.

• Prune dense shrubs with hand pruners and thin the plant from the inside to

promote air to pass thru. This practice will curtail the chances of disease and

fungal grow emerging.

Follow these tips to protect your investment during a summer like we’ve experienced!

Partner Post Provided by: Scott Oldham at LSI