Timely Budget Lunch and Learn Seminar

Every HOA has to plan for it this time of year…the annual Budget!  Ghertner & Company resources its Board of Director members and Community Association Managers (CAM) with practical training and information as the focus of two September Volunteer Leadership Lunch and Learn Workshops.  Led by industry professional, Kathleen Sutherland, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, this seminar led attendees through the process of developing a budget and how to communicate it to homeowners.  As a convenience for board members, this seminar was presented at both the corporate office conference center in MetroCenter and the Hampton Inn in Spring Hill, Tennessee.


Monthly Lunch and Learn seminars are presented free of charge to HOA Board of Directors for associations managed by Ghertner & Company.  Contact theresa.savich@ghertner.com for more information.