February Volunteer Leadership Series

Kathleen Sutherland led the monthly Ghertner & Company Volunteer Leadership Series to a packed crowd of 30 board members and associates at the February 5th program titled Code of Conduct for Board Members, held in the Ghertner & Company Training Center. Lunch was provided to all attendees compliments of Ghertner & Company. Kathleen reviewed the benefits of having each prospective board member sign a formal code of conduct for directors, and provided a sample code for participants. She also summarized the legal concept of fiduciary duty and the implications for Board members in the governance of community associations. The lecture went on to discuss “conflict of interest” with examples where these situations have directly affected Boards.  These workshops are one of the benefits of management by Ghertner & Company. If you are a Board member who is interested learning more about our management services, please contact Kathleen at kathleen.sutherland@ghertner.com or 615-277-0314.