April Volunteer Leadership Series

L-R - Ann Claud, On-Site Manager at LaurelBrooke &
Kathleen Sutherland, Lunch & Learn Facilitator

Kathy Sutherland led the Ghertner & Company Volunteer Leader Workshop Series on April 2, 2014 with the subject matter being “The Role of the Board of Directors”. The presentation focused on the role of the Board of Directors regarding planning, budgeting, community building, fiduciary duties, and the elements of effective meetings. Additional topics included a review of some of the legal concepts facing Boards such as the business judgment rule and state laws regarding conflicts of interests for Board members. In attendance were Board members from over a dozen communities managed by Ghertner & Company, who in addition to hearing the lecture enjoyed a delightful lunch brought in from Bread & Company.  These workshops are one of the benefits of management by Ghertner & Company, if you are a Board member who is interested learning more about our management services, please contact Kathleen at kathleen.sutherland@ghertner.com or 615-277-0314.

Providence Board members
& On-Site Manager, Christina Campano
Center - Joy Buttrey, Community Association Manager
& Board of Directors at Hermitage Meadows