Sharing the Holiday Joy!

St. Luke’s Community House creates a community where children, families, and seniors from different backgrounds can easily access the resources needed to live fulfilling lives.

Deborah Wallace's team of Community Association Managers volunteered on December 7th, helping families shop for gifts at their annual Christmas House Toy Store. This was a fun opportunity to give back to the community and grow as a team.

For decades, the St. Luke’s Christmas programs helped deserving families and seniors have presents under the tree. Instead of accepting free gifts someone else chose for their children, parents can now purchase new toys for a very small amount they can afford.


Holiday Vacation Safety Tips

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Many of you may be planning on taking a vacation away from home. If this is the case, don’t let a would-be thief know when your home is empty. Homes which appear to be occupied or lived in will have less chance of being burglarized.

Here are a few tips to give your home that lived-in look:

• Lighting is one of the most important and yet easiest ways to make it appear as if someone is home. Investing in timers for your lights is much better than simply leaving your lights on. Timers can also be used on radios and televisions.

• Ask your neighbor to assist you in collecting mail.

• Don’t leave notes to anyone that you are not at home or when you plan to return.

• Don’t leave a recorded message that you are not at home on any voicemail.

• Don’t make social media posts about your vacation public for anyone to see.

Smart Holiday Safety Tips

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Statistics show that crime will increase during the holiday season. Although the police department does everything they can to reduce crime, no one—not the police nor the association—can guarantee that it will not happen to you or someone you know. But here are some suggestions that can help reduce the chance.

• Leaving valuables in sight can tempt a would-be thief. Remove GPS devices, Christmas presents, wallets and purses, and even loose change or place them in the trunk. Keep purses, wallets and Christmas presents from being seen through windows in your home.

• Locks work only if they are being used. Keep the doors to your car and home locked at all times, even when you are inside.

• Using caution is your best protection. Be observant of everyone and everything around you. Have your keys out and ready to unlock your car before you come out of your home or any building. Before getting into your car, look inside and around your car.

• Would-be criminals prefer not to be seen. When going out at night, park only in well lit areas. Report immediately to management any lights that are not working in the community.

Snow and Your HOA!

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To plow or not to plow, that is the question. 

The cold winter months brings us many weather-related challenges, including how and when to deal with ice and snow.  Every community has a different set of conditions that need to be taken into consideration.  Are there hills, entrances, or intersections that are difficult to navigate under slippery conditions?  Are there common area walkways or stairs that could become hazardous? Has the snow stopped? Are temperatures rising or falling?  What is the short term and long-term forecast?  There are many factors that help to determine when plowing or spreading ice-melt is appropriate. 

This season we will more than likely see snow fall in Middle-Tennessee varying by region from less than 1” to more than 6”.  Ice melt is appropriate up to a couple of inches, but becomes less effective as the snow depths increase.  A good ice melt contains a blend of salts such as Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride which is effective as low as -15 degrees, works faster than traditional rock salt, and is safer for vegetation and concrete. 


Snow plowing is often appropriate when snow depths exceed 2”.  Plowing is a great option for parking lots and roadways, especially when performed shortly after snow fall has ceased and before cars have an opportunity to create snow-pack.  Plowing without direct sun or the application of ice melt, however, can create icy, slippery conditions under the right conditions. Plowing with an application of ice melt is the quickest and most effective way to remove snow, providing a safe, clean driving surface. 

Written By: Ghertner Maintenance & Remodeling

Trade Show Connects HOA Board Members to Service Providers


The Seventh Annual Ghertner and Company Trade Show proved to be a great success with record attendance on Friday, November 9th.  Held at the Millennium Maxwell House, this event gave Home Owner Association board members the opportunity to visit with service providers that currently work with or could provide services to their communities.  Twenty-eight service providers were able to participate representing a wide variety of services from pest control, roofing, legal, restoration, banking, pool maintenance, insurance, landscaping, reserve studies, life safety, paving, construction, advertising and painting.  Many of the service providers gave away door prizes and a complimentary lunch was provided.  The Trade Show concludes Ghertner & Company’s year long celebration of their 50th Anniversary.

Tis the Season….to prepare for snow removal!

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As we are all enjoying the colors of autumn, we must remind ourselves that winter is approaching. One aspect of the winter season is the chance of snowfall in Middle Tennessee. We have already had 1 small snow event this year! Snow is typically exciting but can also bring anxiety if your community or property is not well prepared. Here are some helpful tips:


1.)    Plan in Advance:  The sooner you prepare an action plan, the better. Late summer or early Fall planning is not too early, but rather beneficial. Pricing can be negotiated easier ahead of time, as opposed to when snow is predicted. Plus, your service provider will have ample time to prepare and stock materials & equipment.

2.)    Select a competent service provider… a company with enough snow equipment, knowledge & experience in providing snow services, updated and adequate insurance, and trained personnel.

3.)    Have a written contract in place which includes liability language, pricing, and scope of work. Having a contract in place, rather than a verbal agreement, solidifies your expectations and may outline liability details.

4.)    Develop a site map which highlights the areas of your community you want to be serviced, and share such with your service provider, so that there is no confusion. The map should convey any specific priority areas, and areas that are not to be serviced.

5.)    Stay in communication with your service provider when a snow event is predicted. Communication is key to a successful snow season, because every event brings its own challenges.

6.)    Meet with your service provider on site before the snow season begins, to walk the community while discussing pet peeves, safety concerns, obstacles to avoid, etc… A phone call is not usually adequate for this type of service request.

7.)    Budget your expenses for several snow events. The average snowfall accumulation for Middle TN is about 7 inches per year, which averages 3-4 events. Each of those type of accumulating events will require some level of service to keep your site tidy and safe. In addition, this area of the country gets multiple ice only events, which should be budgeted for as well. Snow & Ice service is expensive. Your property manager or service provider should be able to help with the budgeting process.

8.)    Unfortunately in today’s litigious society, lawsuits from slip & fall events are more common now than ever. As a result, it is critical that you protect your community by preparing for such snow events in every way possible, so that you are not held liable for negligence. Your property manager and competent service providers can help you through the planning process.

Early and proper planning will allow you to enjoy the beauty of winter without the concerns associated with keeping your community safe from old man winter!     

Written by: 

Scott Oldham - Business Development Manager with LSI.

Grow…Cook…Share - The Nashville Food Project


The Nashville Food Project was recognized as November’s non-profit organization.  Their mission is to bring people together to grow, cook and share nourishing food, with the goals of cultivating community and alleviating hunger in our city.  The Nashville Food Project embraces a vision of vibrant community food security in which everyone in Nashville has access to the food they want and need through a just and sustainable food system.

The organization was featured at Ghertner and Company’s annual trade show with a $500 check.  Many associates and HOA members also brought donations.  Learn more about supporting The Nashville Food Project at

Oasis Center Serves Middle Tennessee Youth


Oasis Center annually engages over 3,500 youth and families with a wide variety of programs and services designed to help them reach their full potential.  Located in Nashville, Oasis Center has been positively impacting Middle Tennessee young people in areas of crisis intervention, youth leadership, community involvement and college/career services. Learn more about this meaningful non-profit organization at  Ghertner & Company recognized Oasis Center’s success with a $500 donation as October’s “Giving Back” recipient.

Associates Celebrate Holiday with Team Building Event

Ghertner & Company associates enjoyed Halloween by dressing up and enjoying food and activities together to build camaraderie.  Contests were held for best chili and dessert prepared by volunteers.  The company provided sandwiches and drinks. Awards were passed out for a costume contest and best decorated team pumpkins.  Ghertner & Company greatly values its associates and regularly offers team building events as just one of the many benefits enjoyed by team members.  


Puckett Station Project for Hurricane Relief

When Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas, Puckett Station neighbors put together twenty-two Flood Buckets in just a matter of a few days. Unfortunately, Hurricane Michael followed quickly with catastrophic damage to the Florida panhandle. In just a little over 72 hours, Puckett Station neighbors put together another fifteen Flood Buckets and arranged for them to get to the Panama City area. Several homeowners participated in both projects with each providing two buckets.  The buckets are filled with specific cleaning supplies to be given to homeowners with flood and water damage. Puckett Station neighbors donated just under $3000.00 worth of Flood Buckets to the victims of recent hurricanes.

Puckett Station Flood Buckets.jpg

Ridgeport HOA Builds Community with Fall Fest

The Ridgeport Homeowner’s Association in Spring Hill, TN, kicked off the Fall season on October 20th, with a fun festival for all to experience.  Kids of all ages and their parents came out to enjoy bounce houses, balloon man, costume contests and games.  Food was brought in from Moe's Southwest Grill.  Board members and volunteers organized the event to allow the families a fun, safe event while also building a sense of community.

Ridgeport Fall Fest collage.jpg

Lunch & Learn Seminars Wrap Up Successful 2018

Ghertner & Company offers free monthly seminars on a wide variety of topics to assist HOA Board Members in their efforts to offer quality leadership to their communities.  Offered the first ten months of the year, the October 9th meeting wrapped up the 2018 seminar lineup by addressing the topic of Vision and Mission Statements.  Many Ghertner & Company Community Association Managers (CAM) were present in support of their HOA board members.

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Identifying Silverfish In Your Home

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Identifying Silverfish May Be Harder Than You Think

Silverfish get their name from the way they look. They are small in size and do not have wings. Silverfish love dark, damp, wet areas. Think garage, basements, water heater closets, bathroom cabinets, and kitchen cabinets. Although Silverfish don’t cause harm to humans, they are still a household pest.

Did you know a Silverfish can live for 8 years?!

Finding and Identifying Silverfish can be tricky. Most home owners do not know they have an infestation until they see one or two silverfish behind a refrigerator or in a basement. Once you see one or two, there are always more. They may be hard to find during the day. Silverfish are nocturnal pests.  Like rodents, they have prolific reproduction rates.

Here are 6 Signs of Identifying Silverfish Infestations


·         You see one

·         Fecal matter that looks like pepper

·         Tell tale damage to paper products

·         Yellow stains

·         You find skins

·         Activity in cracks or crevices

If you see any of the Identifying Silverfish signs listed above you need to seek professional pest control assistance.

Partner Post Written by:

Absolute Pest Control

Winter and Water…a costly combination for irrigation systems

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We all know that water and cold temperatures in late Fall and early Winter season can result in an adverse combination! Protecting your irrigation system via proper ‘winterization’ when the air temperature begins to drop below freezing is critical. Winterizing your system in a timely manner can help secure its operational capabilities for the next spring season, while avoiding costly repairs.

When is the optimal time to winterize? Well, every year is slightly different due to variables and fluctuations in our weather. As a good rule of thumb for the Middle TN region, the best timing is late October or early November, depending on when hard frosts become routine. However, there is a balancing act with the Winterization timing. You don’t want to winterize too early in order to utilize the supplemental water for newly sewn grass seed as well as to establish newly planted Fall flowers. If you winterize too late, freezing temperatures can wreak havoc and result in repair needs. So, the timing of winterization must be strategic in nature, while taking several variables into consideration.


The goal of Winterization is to remove all the water in the associated piping without damaging the mechanical parts in the process, prior to it freezing. Utilizing a professionally certified service provider can insure your system has been winterized properly and with the upmost care to protect your investment.

Another benefit of the winterization process is that it becomes an opportunity to diagnose deficiencies and problems within the system, while your contractor winterizes each zone. Typically, this is an optimal time to make necessary repairs or upgrades to the system so that it is ready to operate efficiently next Spring. Irrigation systems can be a valuable asset as they help protect your landscape investment, while promoting your landscape to mature gracefully over time.


Written by: 

Scott Oldham - Business Development Manager with LSI.


Investing in Professional Development Through Association Involvement

Ghertner & Company supports the growth of its Community Association Managers by encouraging membership and attendance in local organizations.  Few associations do as much to address relevant topics as the Tennessee Chapter of the Community Associations Institute.  This organization is dedicated to the enhancing the quality of community association living through education, legal advocacy, professional development and networking opportunities.

The September meeting featured Tom Jurkovich, Vice President of Strategic Communications, with the Nashville International Airport shared about airport’s current status and future growth plan. Many pictured Ghertner and Company associates are pictured along with some vendor members.

The September meeting featured Tom Jurkovich, Vice President of Strategic Communications, with the Nashville International Airport shared about airport’s current status and future growth plan. Many pictured Ghertner and Company associates are pictured along with some vendor members.

Pest Prevention Tips for Fall

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Fall Prevention Tips.png

There are 3 pest prevention tips for Fall that are very important to keep your home pest free. Because the weather is getting colder, bugs and critters want to avoid the changing weather too. Most of all, to continue blocking unwanted Fall visitors (aka pests), we have come up with 3 simple and easy tips that will help you.




What to Do:

  1. Examine- Take some time to thoroughly examine the outside of your home. This includes all windows, doors, seals, crawl space entries, vents, etc. If there are any broken screens, now is a good time to replace them. Cracks should be sealed with new caulking and door gaps should be closed with quality weather-stripping. It is important to remove old caulking, scraping well to remove any debris while not making any larger spaces. Adding a rubber seal under the garage doors can keep water and pests out.

  2. Seal Openings- Any place that you have an opening for utilities can be a super highway for rodents. Mice can squeeze through an opening as small as 1/4 inch. Spiders can get through openings as small as 1/32 inch. Those are tiny spaces. Take a flashlight (even in daytime) to full a full examination. To block those holes or cracks effectively we recommend using wire mesh, expandable foam or concrete.

  3. Chimney Cap- Do you have a chimney in your home? They are amazing for beautiful fires during cold weather however they can be an open door for unwanted pests. Birds, bats, raccoons, squirrels and other critters can wreck havoc on your home via the chimney. By installing a chimney cap, you will be stopping their point of entry. Don’t forget any attic vents while you are on the roof. Use wire mesh to block rodents from entering your attic through your vents.

Partner Post by:  Absolute Pest Control,


Golf for a Good Cause

The 2018 John D. Floyd Charitable Foundation Invitational Golf Tournament raised over $90,000 to support many local organizations and agencies, improving the opportunities and quality of life for many Rutherford County and Middle Tennessee individuals and families.   Ghertner & Company participated in the tournament held September 19-20 at Indian Hills Golf Club in Murfreesboro. 

Representing Ghertner & Company were Stacy Adams, Human Resources Director, and Community Association Managers Bob Welborn, John Knouff, and Jeff Campbell.

Representing Ghertner & Company were Stacy Adams, Human Resources Director, and Community Association Managers Bob Welborn, John Knouff, and Jeff Campbell.